styling guiding their client about their clothes

NOWADAYS, Fashion styling is garnering a lot of popularity ever since lockdown 2020. It can prove to be a great career these days because not only celebrities and individuals but also normal people hire stylist for styling them for their events.

This career is in lot more trend and has a growing market ever since lockdown 2020. Lockdown gave a lot of employment opportunities to people around one of which was content creation of different type be it fashion , cooking, gaming and what not.

The reason behind its growth is such that during lockdown we saw the budding growth in influencer culture and social media which further led to their growth . One such was fashion styling which was existent but had little scope of growth and was literally invisible but this content creation game gave it wings.

Social Media has become a platform wherein sharing about your wealth and accomplishments is the most common thing. To make everything look picture perfect they try every possible thing which has arose a feeling among every individual to look their best from head to top.

If not too much everyone does think and prepare themselves of what to wear for the occasion which footwear to pair with the outfit matching accessories and what not. The best part is fashion styling is not only limited to females anymore. In 21 st century the world of fast moving fashion males are equally participating and motivating to participate.

styling guiding their client about their clothes

Specifically when we talk about synchronization of each article which can be wore it can be clothes, makeup, footwear and accessories like chains, pendant, minimal rings, or any sort of thing which can enhance the overall look.

These days fashion styling is getting as important as fashion designers .It is a skill based work and awareness is on rise in this field people are getting more and more conscious about their looks and how they present themselves. In true sense it is one of the most important aspect as it helps you create a strong statement. People are making more and more efforts to turn personal wardrobe in more professional way.


Styling is something that is made, designed or performed to give a particular image about something. Styling is permanent and can’t be changed with time and is timeless. It is something that is availed over time with experience.

The bridal stylist a type of fashion styling are becoming more and more prominent like wedding planners, they plan brides entire like from footwear to accessories to makeup for all the wedding function and they help them in their wedding trousseau.

Likewise, Styling for fashion show, celebrity event has been happening since ages a proper team of fashion stylists are hired to make celebrity dresses and looks picture perfect.

bridal styling for fashion stylist

Styling is more of a an umbrella term because fashion is itself a vast terminology and includes various types of career be it fashion designing or fashion stylist and what not. Styling includes two basic terms which are PERSONAL STYLING AND FASHION STYLING.


Personal Styling is one of the lucrative career option highly rewarding . It is a styling in which a person understand his importance and the way it important for them so they hire a  personal stylist which can guide them about their personal wardrobe and guide them about it according to their body type, complexion, height their lifestyle, personality and taste and how they they perceive themselves.

They often work on individuals one on one it is more of like personal consultation. It is more about transforming them for a better experience and help them build self confidence. It is also about changing and giving their wardrobe a reset unlike fashion styling.

it is more about working with an individual for highlighting their true personality and exposing them to a different experience of varied options.

Client also might ask for to reset their wardrobe and can ask for personal shopping experience wherein the stylist will help them choose different styles according to their body types.

In profession fashion styling basics is to pursue professional degree after which for experience in this field go for internships and side by side work on your portfolio. As discussed above this work is all about client profiles so it important to keep updated.

To keep up with this field it is crucial to keep up with the professionals in this area. You should also work with fashion designer to increase your clientage.

Whereas Personal Styling is all about personalized understanding of one client and carefully researching and helping them dress in such a way that reflects their true self. It comes from within or you can pursue a course for it which are available in the market or you can hire a personal stylist for your benefit unlike fashion styling

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personal stylist helping client in wardrobe renewal


Fashion Styling is an art of styling variety of a clothes by various permutations and combination in such a way to create an impact which is also aesthetically pleasing with an aim to wear clothes according to the event.

The one who does this work is known as fashion stylist and they provides service in the form of assistance to someone who wishes to keep themselves updated with the upcoming trend and wear something exceptional.

They often work for fashion designers by styling their models for ramp walk, photoshoots and they also go to attend these events to stay updated with new fashion trends.

fashion stylist styling model on a shoot

But however both the profession crosses paths when it comes to celebrities because celebrities hire both of them. Celebrity personal stylist help them improve their overall fashion sense and wardrobe for overall experience and celebrity fashion styling for the red carpets, fashion shows and much more.

Almost every celebrity hire fashion stylist for their events. Its has been common since really long is normal and a necessity.

Both these jobs is all about working on different client profiles and their contacts, it is about good communication and fashion skills while being updated .

It’s not an 9 to 5 desk job it is more about exploring learning unlearning teaching making others self sufficient and confident in their clothes.


Nowadays a lot of options are available which can be styled as compared to past few years. This budding need for better styling has arose post lockdown when fashion influences and bloggers came in picture. They led to influential growth in fashion and styling world. With increase in more options availability and born of affordable brands led to exploring options.

Year 2020 led to massive digitalization wherein influencers plays an important role in influencing fashion industry. Rise in influencer culture has lead to an sudden increase in brand awareness and spreading knowledge.

Because of these individuals and their influence through influencer marketing people are getting aware about products and services which they can avail. One such service which has garnered huge popularity is fashion styling.

It is commonly influencer marketing is collaborating with known influencers which have good number of followers and good instagram reach and engagement which can help increase their brand awareness.

These days even celebrities connect with influencers to promote songs and upcoming films. It helps them fetch a good number.

Influencers like Masoom Minnawala, Komal Pandey, That Boho Girl namely Kritika Khurana, Sakshi Sindhwani, and in male Sidharth Batra, Tehraan Bakshi and many more has played a very crucial role in uplifting fashion styling game where they try styling the same thing in different ways which promotes sustainable fashion also.

Everyone wish to up their game when it comes to fashion be it celebrities or any regular citizen. As discussed above there is a awareness in the fashion styling it is more about making a statement which can express what they thrive through their dresses, accessories, footwear or with makeup.

For Example ; women wearing business suits represents strong independent, liberated women who have their say in important matters and each pair of clothing highlight different aspects of personality. Even color palette also plays a vital role in creating an impact.

With increase in influential awareness and upliftment in fashion styling game , even men wearing makeup is being normalized which is surely a change that our country is observing. Wearing makeup is no more considered as a way to seduce or attract rather a form of expression of our personal choices.

It is form of various part of styling be it makeup like bold eyes smoky eyes have different representations. The main psychology wearing makeup is to be more sociable attractive and assertive. Every makeup choice is a reflection of our personal choices.


This is to conclude that both fashion styling and personal styling as a great career to have and is in huge demand. People are getting aware by the concept and learning to take this step for their own personality development and self improvement.

Sometimes discovering your true fashion sense and what suits you can be difficult. Dressing according to your own personality can become a task at that point stylist comes into picture and proves to be great help in discovering your own self.

Styling is normal it is something that we all do ourselves but getting it done professionally for an exclusive event is fashion styling or getting it done for everyday basis is and for overall personality development is personal styling.

For pursuing career in this field you should have good knowledge about fashion and good communication skills. You can pursue a course in both these fields for more practical knowledge and you relieve your college life.

There has been a sudden urge to look more presentable and create a stunning statement. Because as everyone says first impression is the last impression. It is always said that the way you look and the way you carry yourself says a lot about your personality which raises the importance of fashion styling.

fashion styling and personal styling to improve their fashion sense



ANS 1) Personal Styling is important for improving your overall personality development and wardrobe renewal it has mental health benefits like can help in boosting low self esteem and gain confidence and overcome body image issues.


ANS 2) It is important as it gives idea about your personality and it also gives statement to your look because sometimes we might not be able to get time for this all the planning and execution and if someone can do your job in more professional way. Isn’t is better ?!?!


ANS 3)  There are various online and offline courses available all across the globe and a lot of option according to different price and time period. You can explore various stylist course by CLICKING ON .


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