Different women black white,brown of different religion coming together feminism

The word commonly misunderstood by most people all over the world is “FEMINISM”. The word might seem confusing but it is not .

So what does the word feminism actually mean social economics and politics movements and ideologies which aim to establish political, social personal rights for both male and female.

In layman’s language ,it means equal rights for both male and female in terms of politics, educational, social and all aspects of livelihood.

As known by many, our society is a patriarchal society which gives more preference to males and considers their birth as superior and given all privileges irrespective of the bad condition of females and females are always seen to be facing injustice in our society.

It focuses on changing that but also fighting gender stereotypes existing in the world with providing and improving equal opportunities in terms of education, political and social , interpersonal outcomes for females.


The meaning of feminism was first coined in 1992 by a French Philosopher named CHARLES FOURIER (as feminime) BUT what does it mean?!

It is all about providing equal rights for females and males. As we live in male dominating society there was a sudden oppression felt by female communities.

This led to a sudden urge to fight this injustice happening to women in the society. So the meaning of  the word feminism is fighting for equal rights for both males and females in terms of education, jobs , military , politics and all the social environment.different colour hands fighting together feminism





A person who fights for equal rights of male and female are considered as FEMINIST. It can be either male or female and not to forget LGBTQ+ community.

This term commonly misunderstood in such a way that women are the ones which are or van be called as feminist but it is totally wrong . It can be anyone fighting for their rights be it any gender. For Eg your father fighting for equal wages for all the men and women in office will be known as feminist.


There is one more term PSEUDO-FEMINIST . It is one of the most important terms we need to know, when we talk about feminism and which is pseudo feminism. What is the meaning of pseudo-feminism?

Pseudo-Feminism means an uncountable noun which is used to refer to people who tend to be feminist or supporter of feminism but tends to do the opposite of it either they have wrong ideology about the word and it’s meaning or they tend to be a supporter of the concept but end up not doing the same on their own can be known as double standards or hypocrisy but those people who do so are therefore pseudo-feminist.


The word Anti feminist which is the opposite of the word of feminist it means the one who are against women’s right for equality and anti-feminism are the one who are against the concept and ideology of feminism.


We women have lived an oppressed life all the while and have been living with it .

We became so adjusted to this fact that It has became a common phenomena happening since ages. There was the beginning of feminism this was a sudden urge because females were tired of being slaves and not able to get what they deserve and their rights specifically in terms of education and career.

They were supposed to do all household chores, serve their family and husbands and give birth and raise their kids and stay indoor. But this sudden urge took place in late eighteen century in Europe .

Various females came together for their rights, did campaigns and continued to campaign for women right. the rights were as follow ,the right to earn equal wages, equal voting rights, run for public spaces, equal property , earn equal pay, own property ,equal rights to receive education, enter contracts ,have equal within marriage.

They also went ahead to access equal rights in form of contraception, legal abortions, social integration and to protect women from sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment .

It was also fight against women dressing as they were not allowed to dress according to their choices and preferences.

Women coming together in 19 century


From suffrage to sisterhood, feminism was first founded in United Kingdom by MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT, an early feminist published a book called A VINDICITION OF EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN to promote the idea of equal education for women as same as men.

As it always focuses on equal rights for women as same as men in old times.

KNOW MORE – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Wollstonecraft



Various celebrities have played a major role in uplifting and highlighting the concept of feminism since past two to three decades namely Emma Watson , Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Meghan Markle and many more have played a crucial role in improving women situation todays world.

What is so nice about this fact is that they have utilized their position for better to bring a change in the society.

WANNA KNOW MORE; CLICKKK-https://www.elle.com/uk/life-and-culture/culture/g21966019/celebrity-feminists-empower-women/


Situation of women was pathetic in India. They were the worst sufferers the various customs were just fraud in their life which they had to follow at the cost of life.

Various such customs were sati pratha according to this custom women were supposed to burn alive with their husband dead body . they have to burn themselves alive and this was a mandatory custom for all which was necessary to follow.

One such custom is dahej also known as the dowry system which is still existent in today s modern India too by the names of gift to the family of groom by the bride’s side.

So in dowry system girls were asked to bring money property as marriage gift from their father side for their family. It was compulsory if it was less in any case they were being tortured for the gifts.

Domestic violence is so relevant in todays world too women are beaten by their husbands and in laws which is done by them to satisfy their ego. This practice is still practiced in many parts of India despite being banned.

feminism in india, parades with orange flags for equal rights in saree


LEARN MORE: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dowry_system_in_India#:~:text=July%202022),a%20condition%20of%20the%20marriage.

Sexual Assaults is the most common assault done by female in todays world and this continues too.

Education sector, workplace and politics discrimination here is still visible at certain parts mainly in backward region and interpersonal and social discrimination exist in almost all parts of the country but the difference is such that reservations are available in these sectors of economy.





ANS 1) At its core, feminism is all about social, economic and political equality for women and it largely arose in response to western traditions that arose and they had motivation to take them globally.


ANS 2) SAVITRIBAI PHULE was first Indian feminist .She broke stereotypes ,her own struggles and fought for herself and other and is also known as mother of Indian feminism. So to raise awareness for females, she established a female community named MAHILA SEVA MANDAL.


ANS 3) In 19 the century there was a sudden urge of women’s independence in the form of social reform movement for their equal rights.


ANS 4) JAPLEEN PASRICHA was founder and CEO and editor in chief of “FEMINISM IN INDIA”.

Different women black white,brown of different religion coming together feminismCONCLUSION:

In the end I would like to conclude by saying that females condition is still much better as compared to previous DECADES.

Awareness is that tool which can bridge the gap between various parts of life .It is the one which the gap between education through various schemes like “Beti Padhao Beti Badhao” .It has surely bought a lot of change in women education in India.


This gap is being bridged by education and awareness as we know awareness has the power to spread of the idealogy amongst all . Firstly awareness ca play a lead role in explaining and understanding  the meaning of feminism and helping in differentiating the difference between every existing word related to it.

Education plays a key role in bringing better understanding, analyzing power to tackle to the problems in the society .

Education can help you bring a change in one’s life and improve the situation of the country as whole. As good education not only teaches you skill but also helps you broaden your horizons and help you gain the understanding the new perspective and teaches you to priortise yourself.

This can be visible in todays world, due to awareness and education people are taking stand for themselves and fighting for the unjustice done to them.

It is necessary to bring more advanced change in today’s world it is important to work in the direction of education, workplace and most importantly through awareness as equal rights are everyone fundamental rights.


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