Stocks also commonly known as equity, are the the share in the ownership of the companywhich gives you right in company’s asset and earnings.

These days we are so blessesd to have sources applications, specialisation group, mentors, youtube channels and much more which helps us in buying and selling of stocks but we cannot rely on them if we do not have any basic knowledge about them.

But at the end all the information provided is on universal basis and is common for all age groups for different groups and as we all know different age groups have different risk bearing ability and functions differently and self analysis

While moving further it is important to have technical analysis of stock.

In todays time it becomes although more important to have different source of income and we should try to generate more sources of income in the form of freelancing. Mostly all the billionaires have at least 3-4 source of income.

difference between investment in stocks and traxding of stocks are investments are done for longer period of time basically more than a year or so whereas trading is for a shorter period of time.


Different type of trading are

intraday trade is trade where you have to hold the investments for a day or so

SWing trade is the trade in which you haev to trade the stock for the few weeks  depend upon your target

,scalping trade a trade in which you enter for few minutes

(Scalping, when used in reference to trading in securities, commodities and foreign exchange, may refer to either a legitimate method of arbitrage of small price gaps created by the bid–ask spreadBecause of the frequency of the trades that the scalper makes, these costs can be considerable if not managed efficiently, Additionally, scalping requires …

 scalper may make between dozens to hundreds of trades each day in an effort to earn a small profit from each trade, making consistent profits from small …)COPIED
Fundament analysis or investment is done for longer period of time wherein you study about the company’ s financial statements,mannagement of the company balance sheet, cashflow statement different ratios
whereas technical analysis is done for shorter period of time and is trading of stocks.
FINANCIAL MODELING is to value the company or the valuation of company through numerical representations which is the process of creating summary of company’ s asset and expenses in a spreadsheet that can be helpful in evaluating future of the company.
This tool is used by financial analyst to analyse and anticipate how a company ‘s stock position will be affected by future events and decisions. It is also used to estimate the valuation of a business or to compare companies to their industrial competition

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