frog yoga asanas for yoga during periods

Yoga During Periods has had longest debate of all times period. It has grown ever since then because periods are attached with stigma wherein females were considered as impure and were restricting them to eating, cooking and were often asked to stay out of the home and people used to feel shame talking about it.

Since forever people have been spreading myths about mensuration and created all the more confusion about it. Even in today’s world in few parts of monthly cycle are considered as dirt and impurity. So it becomes more difficult to spread awareness and clarity about it.

Yoga focuses on person’s overall growth which is mental and physical well being which help to fight against stress and lifestyle disorders. It has a lot of benefits for women’s reproductive health.

As bad or irregular or even improper mensuration can be harmful for health and can cause long term disease like cancer, fibroids and what not. This makes it even more important to practice yoga during periods.

periods and stomach pain


Menstrual period is recurring process in females and plays a very vital role in all females and is indispensable and inevitable every female is blessed with it since they are born . Every female body is different and react differently to some may have intense mood swing some will not even have them whereas some will have extreme pain and cramps whereof some might pass those 5 to 8 days in ease.

It is basically monthly series of changes a women body goes through  to prepare their body’s for pregnancy, In this women body’s ovary releases an egg which is known as Ovulation and female body is most fertile during this phase.


Hormonal changes during this process prepares female body for pregnancy. If the egg which is released is not fertilized during this period . It will shred through inner lining of uterus through the vagina. This monthly process is known as menstrual cycle. It is a normal psychological phenomena.

This common phenomena is a natural phenomena in women which began at the age of 10 and continues till the age of 40-45 years and the pause on menstrual cycle after 40 or 45 years is known as menopause.


Practicing Yoga during periods remains a debatable and controversial topic and it has been over longest period of time. Some say working out or practicing the asanas during the period should be avoided whereas some says restorative asanas or strong practice should be practiced for better menstrual health.

As everybody has a different opinion on this which is quite fair because everybody has a different body and every female has different period health. As such different body hormones work differently. To get through it is important to understand your personal health and your body functionality as it is different for everyone.

All this could be easily understood from the help of an very common phenomena :

menstrual cycle period reproduction

Firstly know your body OBSERVE if you stop bleeding after a little workout and how does your body react to it basically understanding your body’s reaction to workout

Secondly if you have been workout out the other 28 days continue it during your periods also because your body is habitual.

Thirdly if you are practicing yoga during periods make sure you do not practice inversions which are the poses that involve getting your legs above your head which pulls out blood away from your vagina which is not likely and avoid crunches as it tighten your lower abdominal making it difficult for your blood flow to pass.

According to ayurveda, period heath plays a very crucial role in a women’s life and during this time women body is rejuvenating and growing and is said to be the time when their body is weakest because of the changes so it become all the more important to take care of the body so avoiding bathing with cold water or head wash should be avoided

LIKEWISE; yoga is important but inversions should be avoided as it pulls away the flow against the gravity. So this form of yoga during periods should be avoided.


But it has simple logic all those who have been practicing yoga in their daily routine or working regularly should consider practicing yoga during periods because it is in your routine and you are not doing something new which will affect your body strongly.

It also depends upon your blood flow, If you are someone who have a very heavy blood flow you should avoid because it leads to weakness and cause major injuries. So it should be avoided and in case for medium to low blood  flow , you can practice yoga during periods but some yoga poses are necessarily required to be avoided.



As we have all know yoga has been scientifically proven to be promote quality of health . As it focuses on all aspects of human body by using physical practices, breathing and meditation. Women reproductive health is the most important so practicing yoga during periods is extremely crucial to stay healthy.


During mensuration, our body experiences various emotions and mood swings are the most common aspect. The emotion that we very often feel is stress and anxiety which further leads to aggression, irritated and feeling weird are some of the most commonly felt emotions .

Practicing yoga during mensuration can really help as we all know yoga focuses on unison of mind, body and soul it also ought to alleviate stress and anxiety. So practicing can keep your emotions at bay and help you release seretonin (happy hormone).


Most common in today’ s sedentary lifestyle, obesity has become a very common lifestyle disorder. Obesity has a lot of side effects on human body and specifically on periods. Obesity cause irregular periods which further cause hormonal imbalance and infertility in females. Irregular periods and hormonal imbalance can cause major health issues like pcos pcod endometriasis and many more.

Yoga during periods is such a powerful tool that it can hep you overcome various health and lifestyle disorders and can prove to be magical for you monthly cycle.


Due to periods some people often lack of quality sleep which can be improved by practicing yoga during periods. Good sleep can make you feel good and relaxed also because during periods our body is week because of renewal process so it eases too!!!


The most common problem that all the females face during mensuration is cramps and body pain in which yoga can be rescuer doing bhujangasana and child pose can relax tension among muscles and release them.

In short yoga is highly beneficial for body and yoga during periods can work miraculously in female body by helping relax and opening vaginal area and helping overcome body pain and cramps.




As we have read above about the  importance of yoga during periods and one of such asana is vey nice in case you are finding it difficult holding in to the Paschimottanasana , it is sitting on your knees and touching your forehead on the floor as seen in the photo below this also helps in relaxing your pelvic muscle and stretching you back.

balasana asana for yoga during periods


The asana spinal twist with the support of one knee as we know back pain is the most common thing that every female usually suffers so it helps in relaxing your back  and helps in improvement of blood circulation by doing yoga during periods.

vakrasan and spinal twist for yoga during periods


Cobbler pose commonly known as butterfly pose helps in opening pelvic muscle by pressuring upper torso on it and you can also lean forward by putting yoga seat or blanket for whole body relaxation.

cobbler pose for yoga during periods


It is the asanas wherein you overstretch your both legs in forward direction. Then you lean forward by straightening your spinal to touch you toe which will further help you ease your cramps and back pain.

paschimottasana for yoga during periods


In this asana which is also known as goddess pose you have to lie down with your knees bent in the same direction and in reclined position. Practicing yoga during periods helps in opening your groin and hips while relaxing

supta badhha konasana for yoga during periods


In this asana you have bend your legs like frog and feet outward and lean forward and you can also use yoga seat and blankets for better . It helps in pelvic opening.

frog yoga asanas for yoga during periods


Please be aware about your body while relaxing. and listen to your body and remember that yoga during periods are important but we need to be more cautious. You can use various props like cushion, blanket or comforter to ease pain and increase the comfort and practice gently for safety according to your body allowance and do not over exert. If nothing works you can relax by lying straight with hands by you side and relax .


It is extremely important if you have been practicing it from before because it becomes part of your daily life. While you can still some asanas which are common and helpful during period.

Yoga During Periods also depends upon your flow. If you have a very heavy flow you should avoid and can practice during medium or low flow. The most important thing is observe because different people have different body type.

It is also important to understand that we practice yoga to ease all our sufferings during periods not to worsen them. If you feel practicing asanas worsens them try avoiding them it is not mandatory that what suits one body will suit another’ s too.

It is very crucial to take care of your inner self and do not force yourself to practice yoga during periods if your body is not allowing you too. So be careful about your choices and try listening to your body and needs.

Few factors like stress and lifestyle disorders are on rise nowadays which affects menstrual health to different level and is unimaginable. So it becomes extremely important to take care of our lifestyle and health as it affects your mensuration health adversely.

Yoga has said to improve our overall health which is mental and physical health. So it has a lot of good on our mental health as it connects our soul with infinity

Practicing yoga during periods or before it can help in balancing disturbed hormones, relieve from back pain, body pain and even cramps , emotional disturbances or other symptoms associated with it and can also prevent pre menstrual syndrome. It is best for overall period health.


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